Feb 29, 2008

Kitchen Chemist: Natural Toothpaste

I am a self proclaimed "kitchen chemist" so I'm always looking for things to make right in the comfort of my home. When I saw this recipe for natural toothpaste I had to try it and pass it on to you ladies. We have so many chemicals in the majority of the products we use daily so I just wanted to see if I could find a natural alternative to toothpaste.

Here's the recipe...
1. Mix three parts baking soda with one part table salt.
2.Add three teaspoons of glycerine to the dry mix.
3. Add in enough water (a few drops) to make a paste.
4. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to improve the taste.
5.Store in a covered container in a warm place and use like you would regular toothpaste.

Now you may not use this mixture as much as you would your regular toothpaste. But now you have a sugar free and non toxic mixture you can make yourself.

Just Accessorize: Gray Skies

When is winter going to be over? I am getting so tired of looking at these gray skies. The only thing that comforts me at this moment are these cute handbags and boots I found on the web today. (One day I'll be able to buy them but until then I still seem to find comfort in fashion). These accessories are stylish and are a great alternative to always wearing black. So even though there is still a few inches of snow on the ground and it's to cold to even go outside sometimes, I do find comfort in knowing that spring is right around the corner. But until then, at least I have found something gray to make me smile.

Jimmy Choo "Riki Perforated Bag" at www.net-a-porter.com $2295

Miu Miu Leather Coffer Bag at www.net-a-porter.com $1445

Marc Jacobs "Quilted Leather Messenger Bag" at www.saksfifthavenue.com $1145

Dior " Lace Up Suede Boots" at www.eluxury.com $95

Stella McCartney "Patent Ankle Boots" at www.net-a-porter.com $537

In the Spotlight: A Fox in Paris

Vivica A. Fox has been making her rounds at many fabulous party's and fashion shows for Paris Fashion Week these past few days. She has been spotted at party's for Roberto Cavalli & Swarovski and attending spectaular fashion shows for Ungaro, Celine and Christian Lacroix. And I must be the first to admit that she doesn't look half bad. I like the new bob she's wearing, but it looks similar to the style and haircolor her best friend Star Jones Reynolds currently wears. Nevertheless, since I do see some improvement, I just wanted to put her "In the Spotlight".

Face First: The Eyes Have It!

Blue Storm by MAC

Alicia Keys

Ladies, this is your year to be that sassy, bold woman you have been dying to be! Don’t be afraid to let your inner diva come out, let it shine, let it shine! Dare to be scandalous in these dark, edgy shades of blue that will make you stand out when you step out for a night on the town!

This season you can find your perfect evening look with a dash of navy or midnight blue eye shadow. Milani Cosmetics has a beautiful and affordable line of eye shadows available at your local CVS and Walgreens that really pop! (I used them myself!) I personally recommend Evening Sky or Denim Blues to create the smoldering image without breaking the bank. You can also use L’Oreal HIP Pigments Shadow Duo in Spirited or Color Truth Cream Eyeliner in Midnight Blue. Now for this latest twist on the smokey eye you can always find an array of shades at MAC Cosmetics, but to pull off this look just make sure, you are wearing a neutral, soft pale lipstick or gloss to compliment the look. You can also wear a darker lip hue but not too dark, you should always look for shades that will compliment your skintone. So ladies this season don't be afraid to wear eyeshadow that's edgy, bold and don't forget.....BLUE

From left to right: Laura Mercier, MAC, and Loreal Cosmetics

Article by guest Makeup Artist: DaDiva
For beauty questions e-mail her at Rosatwin12000@yahoo.com

Feb 28, 2008

Missing in Action: Where's Savvy!

I've been "Missing in Action" for the month of February, but i'm back now. I really like blogging and sharing things with all you wonderful sistahs but sometimes the cares of this world can really change your focus. I've been back on the road traveling for Cadillac (which I love) and when I'm home I help my mother as much as I can with my grandmother (she's still recovering from a bad accident she had last year). But I really needed this time to think about what I really want in life and what really matters. So ladies if you're feeling like I felt...that being a little overwhelmed with what's happening in your life right now, take a few minutes to yourself and find out what you really want in life. You may want to start a business, go back to school or even go on a much needed vacation, nothing is out of your reach at this time. It's never to late.

The next time you see MIA from "The Savvy Sistah" just know it's to give you an update on a vacation to Mia....Miami that is.

Stay Savvy!!
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