Jan 29, 2008

Savvy Hairstyles:Blond Ambition

Mary J. Blige
Eva Pigford

Many years ago I went and bought a box of Dark & Lovely hair color because I wanted to be a "blond" (blonds have more fun, right?) But since I didn't know the proper way to take care of color treated hair, it all fell out. So the conclusion I came to was that black woman should not have blond hair. But over the years that has changed because I have seen many sistahs achieve the blond hair I desired with the help of weaves,wigs and just learning how to take better care of their hair. I think Mary J Blige, Eva Pigford, and Beyonce really look great with blond hair. The goal is to make it look natural at all cost, so you really need to have the right skin tone (more yellow/bronze undertones) and the right shade of hair color and of course the right hairstyle. Now I do know some sistahs that really should just leave the blond hair alone and go back natural, because they haven't mastered this look. But in the mean time if you want inspiration I think these four sistahs definitely have "Blond Ambition".


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