Jul 25, 2008

New Direction for "The Savvy Sistah"

We'll I haven't updated my blog in a while and I recently had to ask myself "why"? But I think finally the original vision has come back around. At first my desire was to have an inspirational & encouraging talk show for women of color. But when that fell through I thought maybe a blog would be the next best thing.( Because I always have something to say). But for some reason my content seemed to be focused primarily on celebrities, gossip and highlighting over priced fashions. It's nothing wrong with that, but you do need a balance. So last week I did my first "Savvy Style" seminar with some wonderful savvy sistahs and it's like I was reborn. I felt like I found my purpose again. For three hours we laughed and talked about self esteem, makeup, skincare, hair and clothes. These women were honest and really looked to me to give them some practical information to help them feel good about themselves. So my goal now is to reach the "everyday woman". The woman that may not be on TV everyday or have her own hair stylist, personal trainer, chef, wardrobe stylist etc (you get the picture, but if you do...Go Girl!!) I want to celebrate the woman that works all day, picks up the kids from school, cooks dinner and still has time to make the man in her life feel like a king. And the sistah who took a hobby, built a company and is now the CEO, but still makes time to volunteer at a women's shelter. And the mother serving in Iraq who wanted to provide for children and make a difference. I can go on and on about Savvy Sistahs who are making a positive mark in our society everyday. And if you look in the mirror, I'm sure you'll see one too.
So ladies it's our time and our turn to shine!!!
Stay Savvy!


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