Mar 19, 2009

On the Tube today: Sherri Shepard of The View

"On the tube today" Sherri Shepard of The View, started talking about the lack of black people on television still. She talked about how all our shows are getting cancelled and if Sondra Rhimes wasn't the creator & writer of Grey's Anatomy then we wouldn't see a black chief of staff on TV. But what was interesting to me is when Barbra Walters said that she checked and there is at least 1-2 blacks on 20 shows. I have a problem with that! I still don't think that's enough. It's getting back to the point where the only time you see shows with more than 2 blacks is on BET or TV-One. That's why I try to support Tyler Perry and his shows on TBS, because I feel that he is at least trying to open up doors for black actors.
After all these years we should be so much further than we are today!

Sherri also took the time to plug her new show on Lifetime. In this show she actually allows her husbands mistress and their love child to move in with her. This seems interesting, but how long will it last on TV.

For more information about her show:click the link


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