Mar 31, 2009

Savvy Advice: Don't Trust Your Pets!

Okay ladies, I have to tell you what happened to me the other day. My sister went out to get some sandwiches from Subway and I had her bring me back (my favorite sandwich)a Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki footlong. I didn't have the appetite to eat the whole sandwich and plus I had to go to the ladies room, so I wrapped up the other half and set it on my dresser so my dog Sasha couldn't get to it. (She's small so I knew she couldn't reach it).For some reason,when I was in the restroom I could feel that something was happening to my poor sandwich. I could feel it being ripped apart piece by piece. So I went back to my bedroom and guess what I saw...just the paper from my sandwich on the floor. Sasha ate the whole thing and I had all kinds of vegetables on it, I didn't even know dogs ate green peppers. Let me tell you, I went off!!! You don't have to call PETA because I don't abuse my dog, but I guaranteed you she'll think again before she touches my food. But what I want to know is how did she get on top of the dresser. I think I trust her too much, I need to get a "No Dog's Allowed" sign for her. I have to remember she is just a dog and she's going to do what they do.

So ladies my advice to you is "Don't Trust Your Pets". Don't leave anything that you truly value (even if it's just a sandwich) around them when you're not there regardless of how "trained" you think they are. Trust me, if it's going to benefit them, they could care less what you feel.

Now I need to get another sandwich, I should make Sasha get a job at Subway!


Cynthia said...

This is so hilarious and reminds me of our little dog Zoe and one of her exploits... my husband and I are vegan, so poor Zoe doesn't get very interesting people food to nosh on (altho she does like cashews and toast, of all things, but not those little burnt buns I made recently lol)... well, my daughter-in-law in Filippina (I have not yet met a vegan Filippina)and once made some chicken and left it on the dining table for a very brief time while she ran upstairs... when she came down it was GONE!! Since that time, Zoe lovvveeesss Marylen, but Maryleen DOES not particularly love Zoe.

daheProd/Mz.Day said...

HAHAHAHA! I feel you on that! Although, I'm not fond of the animals, I totally get your point!

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