Jun 22, 2009

I have been a busy Sistah!

Hello Ladies,

It has been a while since I have updated, but I have been so busy!

My semester ended about 6 weeks ago and I'm proud to say I got a 3.66 grade point average for this semester. It was tough but I thank God I made it through.

Last month the "My Black is Beautiful" toured rolled into Chicago and I was busy enhancing the faces of the beautiful sistahs that sat in my chair for the CoverGirl Queen collection. Not only did I do makeup but I was asked to teach a Beauty 101 workshop for the ladies at the event and I had a great time.
I signed with a new agent in Chicago to do commercials and voice overs and I had to get new head shots, so I was able to get some great shots thanks to Victoria of Sprung Photo.
I had a chance to travel to Milwaukee for the "Change" conference hosted by Dr. Creflo & Taffi Dollar and trust me, I needed to hear what he had to say!
And now I'm planning a pamper event sponsored by Liquid Lounge (my bath & body line) and Pamper Lounge Events. Now this has been taking all of my time lately!
I do miss blogging, but it feels good to see the accomplishments I have made over these past 6 weeks!

When you get a chance send me an e-mail (the_savvy_sistah@hotmail.com) and let me know what you've been up to!

Until next time,

Stay Savvy!


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