Jan 17, 2008

Savvy Home Decor: Glass Art Showpieces

Art Glass Vase by Caleb Siemon, $1050 http://www.guild.com/

Art Glass Plate by Jeri Goodman, $220 , www.guild.com

Glass Art Perfume Bottle by Mary Angus, $365 , www.guild.com

Art Glass Bowl by Janet & Rick Nicholson, $1055, www.guild.com

These beautiful artistic pieces were created using blown glass. The colors and designs are so elegant, vibrant and unique, I can just image what the artists were thinking about when they created these wonderful pieces. I searched through pages and pages of photographs from artists at "The Artful Home" and I found so many bowls, platters and vases, that I simply fell in love with them all. So if you want to add a boost of color or a uniquely designed sculpture to your home decor, how about starting with one of these Glass Art Showpieces.
All these pieces can be found at "The Artful Home" www.guild.com


Virginia Janet said...

Just amazing selection of those glass art home decor stuff... This perfume bottle is looking gorgeous!!

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