Jan 9, 2008

Product Review: Nexxus -vs- Suave

When I stopped relaxing my hair two and a half years ago 0ne thing I learned about my natural texture was, it needed and loved moisture (water). I have discovered over these past few years that shampooing my hair really dried it out so I stopped and started to CW or condition wash my hair. I usually do this a few times a week (less now because of the weather) and over a period of time it can get really expensive. So I had to venture out to discover a two-fold product, one that worked and didn't break the bank. At that particular time I was using Nexxus products and I really liked their Humectress Conditioner. It's thick, smells good and really helps to restore moisture to your hair. But in most stores it cost 7.99 for a 5.1 oz size, so after two weeks of doing my conditioner washes it was empty. Then I discovered Suave Humectant and I was really impressed. It's not as thick as Humectress, but it has great ingredients for your hair like glycerin,panthenol and silk amino acids. They both are designed to draw moisture to your hair and repair dry & damaged strands but Suave is $5.00 cheaper. So if your looking for a salon quality conditioner without paying the price I would run to the nearest Walmart and pick up a bottle of Suave.


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